Privacy Policy

 We, F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd, developed this app to provide necessary services and add values to customers’ daily operation.

This page, “Privacy Policy” is created to inform users regarding the collection of their private and public information via this app and the uses of those information.

We use information from the libraries relate to camera, contacts and media devices for the application. We do not disclose these information to any other providers and do not use these data for any other purpose other than specified on the mobile application. However, we will disclose these information in case of legal of proceedings and if requested by the legal entity.

This application is developed in contemporary to the bank’s customer needs and services. We use your personal information to improve our services and create custom features as well. By, using our services, you agree to share the information with us accordingly to the applicable policies and laws.

On using our services, we will ask you for certain information to identify you and provide services according to your need.

Your personal information will be used to identify you, provide custom services and contact you in case we require to get in touch with you directly. Custom service include, but not limited to, custom messages including Birthday wishes, push notification, track your location, responding to your queries.

We may include some logging mechanism in the mobile app, with your device and account information to keep track of the application behavior.

We do not knowingly collect any information of age restricted users for our app and in case of such users, we will notify them regarding the privacy statements and may restrict the users from our application.

In case of any changes in privacy policy, the amendments will be done in this policy document.


Latest amendments on this document was done on 14 March 2017.