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Mobile application Development:
The ultimate purpose of mobile search is to drive sales and marketing opportunities on the mobile phone. Mobile Banking evacuates the cost , time and manpower involved in marketing and implementation of products. They exhibits much lower development cost and aids in re-engineering of products and its tools, quickly. 
Mobile POS Applications helps in transacting funds through ATM cards, Debit cards or credit cards using mobile POS (Point of Sale) systems. Merchants use these POS applications for easy transaction, i.e purchases made by customers.
Apps Development holds a key position at F1Soft International where, custom applications are developed according to the need and specifications of client. Applications are created for the niche market. Custom development of application gives a broad range of functionality and possibilities for users, making it more user friendly and interactive. 
F1Soft International have developed the Mobile Application for transaction banking, like Mobile Virtual Wallet, Mobile Air Ticketing, Secure Mobile Banking Solution, Mobile Payment Gateway, etc, which is being used in many Banking and Financial Institutes along with Corporates Houses. Mobile Application helps in making transactions easy and hassle free for customers of banks and financial institutions since its accessible from anywhere. It’s a rich Client-based application that downloads instantly to mobile phone and functions similar to any other mobile application menu.


SMS or text messaging is an effective tool for business communications because of its simplicity, ease of use and reach. SMS is available on virtually all mobile phones and over all mobile networks making it the world’s most pervasive communications technology. The usage of SMS continues to grow because it is simple, easy to use and has enormous reach. Ultimately, consumers like to have choices in the way they communicate with businesses and increasingly consumers are turning to SMS.
Mobile advertising is well suited to leverage improved results from traditional channels such as print, radio and TV by providing a call-to-action to text back or respond through the cell phone. In addition to getting an immediate qualified lead, and establishing the mobile as a new customer relationship channel, the mobile channel provides a highly effective measurement opportunity with built-in response rate tracking, i.e. if you run a campaign with a particular billboard you can assign a specific mobile keyword to that media and track response rates through the mobile keyword. According to a survey, it is concluded that 90% of people read SMS rather than e-mails which is sent for advertisements. Moreover, 12% to 65% of people respond to SMS which is in very high rate in comparison to e-mails. So, sender can maximize its  sales in extensive numbers as minimum 120 out of 1000 people will respond the SMS.
How it Works?
-SMS123Go! Works on the basis of request initialized by the users registered in SMS123Go!
- SMS123go! is not an automatic generator. User needs to type message and send it to its destination number via SMS123go!
-When a user registers to SMS123Go! The user initiates the messages request by entering the destination mobile number and the message that is to be sent to the mobile.
-As soon as the message sending request is initiated, SMS123Go! Initiates a connection to its message service provider and request the server to send the message. 
-The server then tries to send the message to the desired destination number. A report of successful delivery can be seen if the destination number is correct. Failure report is acquired if the destination number is incorrect or in case of loss of message due to technical issues. 
-User gets the status of their message via the same panel where they initiated the message sending request.

Web Design and Development

Website Design:
A website should dictate your identity, your product catalogue and your core competency in just a blink. The visitants must be capable of differentiating you from others.
Our team don't just design advanced, appealing, convincing and unparalleled web pages but creates an image for your brand online.

Website Development: 
We are involved in designing, developing, implementing and maintaining various web-based applications. Developed sites are completely dynamic, where admin panel are provided at back end to control activity of the site. 

Airtime Transfer

fone Topup:
fone Topup and airtime transfer services focuses on the people of Nepal, facilitating them with the most relevant service through which subscriber can recharge thier talk time credit directly onto the mobile phone within a few minutes of purchase and available for use immediately. Now subscribers can buy airtime topup credit for themselves or someone else using any telecom operator services in Nepal while living or visiting abroad. It is easy, rapid, directly from the Internet. It is an innovative communication modes and services that enable user to authorize to recharge talk time topup facility associated with the major Telecom operators in Nepal as NCell and Nepal Telecom. We understand how to deliver maximum benefits to subscriber. fone Topup allows subscriber to make their relatives happy at home by sending them airtime credit for their mobile phone. fone Topup brings subscriber a new way to recharge your account. 

It is web based application bundled with third party HTTP API that allows clients around world to request airtime recharge value within Nepalese Telcos. F1Soft International is the major talk time service provider which operates in association with the major Telcos in Nepal. Currently it provides talk time recharge facility with NCell and Nepal Telecom. fone Topup is the external interface which facilitates the service providers around the world to access our Central Topup Server.

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