BankSmart, our latest innovation, takes Mobile Banking to the next level

BankSmart, our latest innovation, combines the services provided by mobile banking, internet banking and websites into a single platform and delivers them to a customer’s mobile phone. It is an all-in-one solution for customers enjoy the true power of digital banking while it is also a multimedia-rich and cost effective platform for banks to carry out instant marketing & promotional campaigns.
Customers can enjoy the vast array of available features through a sleek and interactive mobile app carefully designed for easy navigation, brand enhancement and promotional materials visibility. The app is available for all major smartphone platforms and supports both the SMS and GPRS access channels giving customers the option to use either one depending upon the availability of network and internet access.
On the other hand, the web based administrator console is engineered to provide bank admin users with a hassle free and easy customer and merchant management experience. Administrators can manage multiple aspects of the application to deliver a suitable range of products to comfortably satisfy the various demands of customers. The entire system is built around the maker/checker concept used by banks with multilevel authorization required for key operations.

Security is a vital aspect for any digital banking solution. Two Factor Authentication with Device ID registration, strict password policies and encryption mechanisms make BankSmart a highly secure solution.